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Have a license, but don’t want to sell?

Who We Are

There comes a time in some agents’ careers when they no longer wish, or are unable, to continue in real estate sales. That is why Metro Referrals was established almost 30 years ago and maintains an average of 2400 referral agents! We are an independent company that provides agents the ability to keep their licenses active and earn significant extra income simply by making referrals. It’s easy to join just by transferring your license to us.

How does it work?

If you know anyone who wants to buy or sell real estate anywhere in the U.S., contact us with their information and we will place your referral. Or if you know a sales associate, you can place the referral yourself, directly with that agent. Simply send us a copy of your referral agreement and when the property sells and settles you will be paid a referral fee. See FAQs for more info.

Who Can Join

Those who:
  • Are retiring
  • Have no time for real estate
  • Have another job
  • Have health problems
  • Are going back to school
  • Believe real estate sales is not for them
  • Are moving from the area
  • Are new agents not yet ready for sales
  • Cannot afford the many fees and expenses involved in being a Realtor®
If you already have an active real estate license in Maryland, Virginia, Washington, D.C., West Virginia, Delaware, New Jersey, North Carolina, or Pennsylvania, you can simply transfer your license to Metro Referral Associates.

If your license is inactive in one of these states, you can activate it to Metro Referral Associates.

If you are just getting your license in one of these states, you can do so with Metro Referrals.

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